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Working with me looks different for everyone, it really depends on what our focus is. In all of my sessions I listen to your unique goals, meet you where you're at and create a personalized plan.  I don't expect you to fit into a pre-designed program or meet unrealistic expectations.


As a Holistic Nutritionist I understand all things food and how to use this knowledge to build you a routine that really works. I want to help people re-connect to their bodies through mindful food prep and eating. I love creating plans for people that offer real world guidance and help you get where you wanna go.


As a Métis Medicine Woman I can help you work through any issue on a spiritual level by using a variety of techniques I have learned over the past 20 years. These sessions involve a spiritual healing, a message for you about the issue, a personalized ritual for you to do at home and a card pulling to see what else needs to be seen.


Often clients book in for a variety of sessions as one leads to the other.

Check out the Services section to get into all the details about what I offer!

Check out the About Me section to learn more about my education and path.


All my spaces are safe, trauma informed and LGBTQIAA2S inclusive. That is why I named the business – Inclusive Wellness. Cute, eah?


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