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About Me

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Shaping a Holistic Nutritionist


I have always loved to cook and bake. Growing up in Winnipeg, my mum and I had a deal - I made supper and she did the housework.  In my teens I began to get involved in food politics.  I became aware of companies like Monsanto and the existence of factory farms.  I learned the importance of organic produce, ethical meat and local food security.

Eventually, I moved to Vancouver and found myself working in the Downtown Eastside. I could see the direct connections between food quality and people's quality of life. I wanted to learn about food- from soil to plate. I studied everything from soil health, year-round gardening, composting and fermenting among many other things. I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate on Bowen Island and a 9 month urban gardening program at Gaia College in Vancouver.


There was still a missing piece. How could I take this knowledge and help people heal... The answer was Pacific Rim College, where I completed a Diploma of Holistic Nutrition. For 3.5 years I studied a variety of subjects from Western Sciences to Ayurvedic Nutrition and completed 400 clinic hours. It was a life changing experience.


Making a Métis Medicine Woman


It was a curiosity and my ancestors that lead me to my first sweat lodge. Within the willow bark womb I learnt to see in the darkness and hear the messages of the Drums.

These ceremonies struck a deep cord of knowing within me and I needed to explore it!

Click here to watch a video where I talk about this in great detail.


Building an Equitable Educator

When I returned from the G8 protects in Quebec City I knew I wanted to educate people about the free trade agreements and the G8 - which is now the G20. So I created a workshop to teach in high schools and did just that for a few years.


This experiences lead to me facilitating workshops for the last 20 years. I have taught people how to - write and perform slam poetry, grow their own food, develop a spiritual practice, be inclusive and be trauma informed.


I believe learning should be engaging, informative and interactive. Which is why I bring a mixture of different teaching techniques into every workshop.

I currently work with a variety of groups including colleges, garden clubs and non-profits - helping them educate their teams and students.


Click here to see what workshops I am currently offering.

If your looking for a topic that isn't there please reach out - I am more than happy to create something just for your group.

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