About Me

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Shaping a Holistic Nutritionist


I have always loved to cook and bake. Growing up in Winnipeg, my mum and I had a deal - I made supper and she did the housework.  In my teens I began to get involved in food politics.  I became aware of companies like Monsanto and the existence of factory farms.  I learned the importance of organic produce, ethical meat and local food security.

Eventually, I moved to Vancouver and found myself working in the Downtown Eastside. I could see the direct connections between food quality and people's quality of life. I wanted to learn about food- from soil to plate. I studied everything from soil health, year-round gardening, composting and fermenting among many other things. I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate on Bowen Island and a 9 month urban gardening program at Gaia College in Vancouver.


There was still a missing piece. How could I take this knowledge and help people heal... The answer was Pacific Rim College, where I completed a Diploma of Holistic Nutrition. For 3.5 years I studied a variety of subjects from Western Sciences to Ayurvedic Nutrition and completed 400 clinic hours. It was a life changing experience.


Making a Métis Medicine Woman


I have always perceived the world a little differently than most people. Not having been raised with any specific spiritual practice, I really wanted some guidance in that way. As a teenager I began exploring world religions to see what resonated with me. It was this curiosity that lead me to my first sweat lodge. Learning to see in the darkness and hear messages in the songs while breathing through the heat felt ancestral.  This spiritual teaching in combination with other transformational life experiences put me on the path of becoming a healer.

I wanted to learn how to heal people with my hands. I found energy healing, which I studied in Winnipeg from 2001 to 2005. My intuition kept telling me that I needed to live near the mountains, and in 2006, I moved to Vancouver.

I reached out to a friend about needing a spiritual teacher. She said she knew a shaman taking apprentices. By 2010 I had completed 4 years of studying and practicing the ways of a Celtic Shaman, a path that honors my Settler half.

Through out my training I have been blessed with insightful teachers some First Nations and some from the Land of the Fae. I treat them all with respect and blend their teachings in my practice.

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Putting it All Together

I have over 20 years of experience working one-on-one with clients in a healing role.  Over this time I have discovered that many types of healing modalities have limits on how much they can help a client if that person isn't also making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes.  I would love the opportunity to help you achieve the level of health both physically and spiritually you are looking for.


I use all of my skills to create a session for you that REALLY works. Do we need to heal your relationship with food through mindfulness and ritual or do you need some guidance around what to do next in life?

What we focus on in each session is up to you.

Check out my services to choose the one that speaks to you.