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4 Tips That Prove Your Self Worth is NOT in Your Pant Size.

This past weekend I finally found the courage to go pant shopping. Something I have been avoiding for months. My mom came with me and played her part well; always

This Gal Belives In You!!

assuring me I looked great and slim no matter the pant or pattern. This can be both a blessing and a curse. I can get so heart broken when I look at a pair of pants, and think - they look so huge, these are going to fall right off me!! Then I try them on and they fit like a tight latex glove. This is when my mom can swoop in and save the day with a positive comment, “You look so slim in those, who cares what size they are!”

I have found myself on the heavier side of the scale again and I can feel my self esteem dwindling away. As my pant size increases so does my negative self talk. How can I prevent myself from entering the dark world of self hate?

Here are some tips to I tried to boost my self esteem.

Stay positive – no matter what.

Every time you look in the mirror before you say the negative you NEED to say at least 5 positive things you see in the mirror. Like “Wow, You got style!”

Keep a list in your mind of all the cool things you do.

You are WAY more than your pant size! You have done WAY more with yourself then put on some weight so keep those accomplishments flowing in your mind. Like that time you made a cute girl laugh – that was awesome. Or that other time you did a selfless act of kindness – super awesome!

Remember why you put the weight on and cut yourself some slack.

I put weight on this time around because I quit smoking a pack a day. This is something to be proud of NOT to be ashamed of. I can lose weight WAY more easily then I can grow a new lung. Is there a way you can forgive yourself for putting on this weight? Its way easier on you, to start being nice to yourself now. Remind yourself daily that you forgive yourself; research shows positive self talk is a key step to weight loss.

Pick one goal to master.

Eat only when hungry. That’s what I decided to really focus on and get good at. Eat only when hungry; not when you’re feeling something, not when you’re bored, not when everyone else is. That one simple change can open up a world of subtle shifts leading to new possibilities.

You are worth more than your pant size. Taking little steps to build your self esteem will positively affect you your whole life - no matter where you fall on the scale. The key is to focus on what is working for you. The journey to weight loss is about being the you, you want to be and having the confidence to let your light shine. As my mom always says “Who cares what others think? As long as you are happy, that’s what really counts.”

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