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A Bit More About Me

If we are what we eat then some days I am a pizza and other days I am a salad.

I came into holistic nutrition kinda by fluke. I was a health researcher, working with a vulnerable population and couldn’t help but see two things. One was the huge gap between what people should be eating and what they had access to and the second was the amount of money we would save in health care if we all just ate more whole foods.

I had also been struggling with my own health issues - addiction and acne. I had been going to a 12 step program for a few years and had a feeling that healing my body was important but how? I also suspected that the condition of my skin HAD to run deeper than my cleanser and was perhaps related to my drinking. But where were the answers? Who could I trust?

Then I jumped down the rabbit hole of nutrition. I decided to move to Victoria where I could study at Pacific Rim College to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Here I studied Western Nutrition, Ayurvedic nutrition, and Chinese diet therapies. I graduated in May of 2018.

And WOW did I ever find solutions to my issues!

The future is bright and the dream is big. I have so much passion for teaching people and showing them how simple, and easy, diet changes can be.

Come and chat food with me! It’ll be fun, I promise.

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