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Eating for change

A few weeks ago I was on social media, scrolling my life away. Before I could stop it a video played, that started with bacon sizzling in the pan and ended with blood on the killing floor. This was not my first time at the vegan rodeo. My first protest was in 1996, for PETA. It was however the first time in a long while that I felt that feeling in my gut. That gross feeling that is a mix between anxiety and guilt.

Then I started going to the climate strikes. So many “Go Vegan” signs. So many reminders of the meat industries environmental costs and inhuman practices. So bit by bit I have started to become more of a vegetarian which is looking more like flexitarianism. Meaning I try my best to eat vegetarian however if I want to eat or am craving meat – I eat it, without guilt. For me that is key, eating without guilt.

This change in my eating and my passion for environmental change has inspired me to create a new package – Eating For Change. When you sign up for this package you will receive a 30 minute consult, a week long flexitarian meal plan, customized just for you, recipes and my mindful eating ritual – to help you center and be present while you eat. All of this can be yours for only $75. What a great, easy way to help change the world, be an environmentalist and practice self care.

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