Workplace Workshops

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Most workshops are 90 minutes.

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Understanding Nutrition

In this workshop we learn all the basics of nutrition. From eating guidelines to hydration. From understanding supplements to talking about sugar and why you need carbohydrates. This is the knowledge we all should have learned in school. All participants will receive my healthy jar lunch recipes. Learning Objectives: Participants will come away with a strong understanding of the foundations of nutrition and how to eat for their body type.

Creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace

We are going to introduce the skills you need to have a positive and trauma-informed work place. We start off by exploring the importance of taking care of yourself then we learn what we need to feel safe at work. We finish up by looking at trauma, how it affects our workplace and how to set up the framework for everyone to feel heard. Learning Objectives: Participants will learn how to notice trauma in the workplace (and why this is important) and know how to hold space for the people working through it.


Reconciliation and Indigenous Allyship

Here participants will learn about colonization and how to participate in the process of reconciliation. We will learn about Indian hospitals, the treaty system, the Missing and Murdered Women and Girls and Two-Spirited peoples epidemic and the Truth and Reconciliation Act. Together we will map out real ways to be outstanding allies. Learning Objectives: Participants will know the true history of Canada, the current issues facing Indigenous people and how to help.

Exploring Canada's Anti-Black History

In this presentation participants will learn about Canada’s role in slavery, our history of segregation and how systemic racism still affects this community. Participants will learn about the current Black Lives Matter movement and its global importance. This workshop concludes with ways to be an ally both in and out of the work place. Learning Objectives: Participants will become able to see Canada's Anti-black history, understand it's connection to systemic racism and how to great allys.


Building An Inclusive Team

Together let's explore gender, sexuality, ableism and fat phobia. You'll come away with some ideas of how to bring inclusiveness into your workplace and how to use your privilege to benefit others. Learning Objectives: Participants will come out of this with a working knowledge of all things LGBTQAAI2S. They will also learn how to use their privilege to hold space for marginalized groups.